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Another Huckabee Skeleton Out of the Closet

The Arkansas Journal is reporting on another of Mike Huckabee’s irresponsible exercises of clemency as governor of Arkansas: In 1994 John Henry Claiborne, a man already convicted of 6 prior felonies, kicked in the back door of the home of Homer and Vivian Allbritton and held them at gunpoint with a stolen shotgun while he […]

Bill Mandating College Applications Killed in Committee

From the Rapid City Journal, that stupid bill SB 67 to require high school students to apply to college (whether they intend to go or not) has died a quick death. The committee voted unanimously to defer the measure to the 36th legislative day. In a 35-day session, that means the bill is dead. As […]

Bill Clinton Blows a Gasket over Vegas Lawsuit

Bill Clinton becomes angry over questions regarding a lawsuit by Clinton backers to reduce the number of caucus sites in Nevada.

Closed-Minded Science

CNS News examines the struggle of intelligent design to simply be allowed in our mock-tolerant society. Intelligent design theory, or ID, is opening new doors of scientific research, particularly in cancer and other disease research, according to its adherents, but a new movie, “Expelled” starring Ben Stein explores how an “elitist scientific establishment” is apparently […]

Religion Never Left Our Schools

Answers with Ken Ham Click here to listen From

An Ironic Juxtaposition

BreakPoint – Chuck Colson and Mark Earley Click here to listen From

Family News in Focus 01-17-08

How pro-life is your state? Abortion is on the decline Having homosexual sex in a bathroom stall is “private?” No homosexual agenda? Click here to listen From

Partial Birth Abortion is in Vogue

Washington Watch Daily A “loving” abortion Click here to listen From

UPDATE: Enlistment Bonuses NOT Being Taken from Medically Discharged Soldiers

A few weeks ago the Rapid City Journal editorialized on an alleged Department of Defense policy requiring combat-wounded military personnel to give back a portion of the enlistment bonus they received if they are medically retired or separated from the military due to combat-related injury. Accepting the accuracy of this respectable newspaper’s editorial at face […]