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Is Mike Huckabee a Conservative?

Someone at Free Republic has posted a comprehensive list of examples of why Mike Huckabee cannot be considered a conservative, despite his pro-life stance. Conservatism v. Huckabee Count 1: Weakest in the Republican field on immigration Exhibit A: Huckabee calls immigration bill “un-Christian, anti-life” (Arkansas Senate Bill 206 would have denied state benefits to illegal […]

U.S. Marines on the Holodeck

Marines at Camp Pendleton, California are using new holographic technology to prepare for the rigors of the battlefield in Iraq.

Who Do America’s Warriors Trust?

From: CGOStriker2911 Video I put together to show Christians in the military sort of like a tribute. I also put images of civilian Christians, young, old and odd looking. I also wanted to share the Good news of Jesus Christ. Music by Arron Shust

A Respected Man

James Dobson Family Minute Psychologist and author Dr. James Dobson observes that behind every great man is a great woman — who respects him. Click here to listen From

School Violence: Who Owns Us?

Answers with Ken Ham Click here to listen From

Sleepless in America: Addicted to Caffeine

BreakPoint – Chuck Colson and Mark Earley Click here to listen From

Family News in Focus 01-16-08

Is TANF being used to encourage life, or abortion? Game companies organizing to keep smut in electronic games Marriott Hotels asked again to take porn movies out of their hotels Most happy people are married and/or attend church regularly Click here to listen From

NewsBusted 1/15: Kerry drops Edwards, cheering mauling tiger

NewsBusted is a comedy webcast about the news of the day, uploaded every Tuesday and every Friday.

Obscene Roadways

From Fox News: It’s one thing to dangle fuzzy dice from a rear view mirror, but decorating a trailer hitch with a large pair of rubber testicles might be a bit much in Virginia. State Del. Lionel Spruill introduced a bill Tuesday to ban displaying replicas of human genitalia on vehicles, calling it a safety […]

Candidates on a Conservative Scale

Dwar at Free Republic has posted some measurements and calculations he’s come up to measure the conservative credentials of the Republican field of presidential candidates. You can check it out here. I think his calculations are pretty accurate…to a point. I’d give them about a 90% accuracy rating, and my only reason for the 10% […]

Protocols likely ignored in child abduction case.

In a previous post Bob Ellis comments on a rather bizarre case in Colorado in which an 11 year old boy was seized by a sheriff’s SWAT team after a minor injury the day before in which the boy apparently bumped his head while clowning around with an older sister. A neighbor called for an […]

The Rocket Science of Abortion

In a post earlier today on Senator Dennis Schmidt’s sonogram bill, I said A sonogram provides more medical information to the mother. Can one make a sound, logical argument against more low-cost medical information in the decision-making process? Of course, I knew at the time that there’d be some folks who would proffer plenty of […]

‘Living Wage’ Bill Introduced in South Dakota Legislature

Well, Senator Tom Katus (Dist. 32) has introduced that “living wage” bill he promised Saturday. SCR 3 says that state agency, any municipality, or any other unit of government which offers a tax break, a grant, or other subsidy using state and local tax dollars to require any business which employs more than ten employees […]

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

This one could be interesting to enforce. From the Rapid City Journal: It would be illegal to lie or print lies about issues placed on the South Dakota ballot as proposed laws, repeal of existing laws or changes in the state constitution, under a bill that South Dakota lawmakers will deal with this year. HB1145 […]

Fetal Sonogram Bill Introducd

KELO is reporting on a bill introduced by Senator Dennis Schmidt (Dist. 33) that would require abortion facilities to provide sonograms to mothers before their children could be aborted. Introduced Tuesday was a bill that would require abortion facilities to offer sonograms to pregnant women and girls. SB 88, offered by Republican Sen. Dennis Schmidt […]

Staph Infection 13X More Likely Among Homosexuals

In addition to the already long list of health risks associated with homosexual behavior, according to NewsMax there is a new one: drug resistant staph infection. A drug-resistant strain of potentially deadly bacteria has moved beyond the borders of U.S. hospitals and is being transmitted among gay men during sex, researchers said on Monday. They […]