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How Accurate is Our Worldview Aim?

As numerous posts and comments in the past show, plus his latest, Cory Heidelberger at the Madville Times really seems to have a problem with a Christian worldview that doesn’t have enough Marxism and Leftist pablum mixed in (which, incidentally, makes it NOT a Christian worldview). I’m not too awful concerned with what people think […]

Misery in the Middle East

An article by Philip Carl Salzman in the Canadian National Post examines “Why Arabs suffer.” It catalogues a number of areas where the Arab world lags behind most of the rest of the world: The Arab region not only ranked last on the freedom scale, but the gap between Arab countries and the next-to-last ranked […]

An Instrument of Evil

Renewing Your Mind – Dr. R.C. Sproul At what point do God-appointed civil governments move from being negligent ministers of justice to instruments of evil? Click here to listen From

For Such a Time as This

After Iowa and New Hampshire, presidential candidates suddenly want to know what evangelical voters think. Well, let’s ask them what they think — especially about the persecution of Christians. Click here to listen From

Video: SC GOP Debate 1/10/2008

Here is the entire video of the 1/10/08 Republican debate from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: From

Night Talk: Interview With Alan Keyes

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Ditch the Preacher Man

GUEST COLUMN By Mary StarrettConstitution Party Communications Director The fact that the media are toadying up to president wanna-be Mike Huckabee should tell you all you need to know. He is not, never has been, nor will he suddenly turn into, a statesman who will get the United States back on a constitutional track. The […]

Top Seven Acts of Christian Bashing in America in 2007

FT. LAUDERDALE, Florida, Jan. 9 /Christian Newswire/ — “From murder and intimidation, to the crass and the blasphemous, 2007 was a horrendous year of Christian bashing,” said Dr. Gary L. Cass, Chairman and CEO of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. “Anti-Christian sentiments are being fomented in the culture and are becoming more deadly and cynical,” said […]

Why is There Suffering in the World?

Answers with Ken Ham Click here to listen From

Family News in Focus 01-11-08

States addicted to gambling for revenue Catholic hospital is sued for not performing a sex change operation “Pray for Election Day” campaign Black Americans are speaking out about how abortion devastates the black community Click here to listen From

Parents Who Blow It

Psychologists Dr. James Dobson and Dr. Bill Maier suggest that parents not lower their standards for their kids just because they have made their own mistakes. Click here to listen From

Got-Haters Hate Christian Charity

Washington Watch Daily Click here to listen From

Lesson 2 – Philosophy and Ethics: Says Who?

Lesson #1 of the Truth Project was last week, and it was fantastic! Lesson #2 is this Sunday at South Canyon Baptist Church in Rapid City. Even if you worship at an other church, you would still likely have time to attend and then make your 10:45 or 11:00 worship service. You won’t be disappointed! […]

UTU Union Bribe Caught on Tape

Actual undercover footage of a United Transportation Union (UTU) bagman accepting a cash bribe for the union’s president. Forcing someone to join a union to work a job, and forcing employers to negotiate with unions, is un-American.

Create National Health Care, Wait Over a Year for Treatment!

Hey all you socialism-infatuated, big-government-lovin’ folks out there who want the United States to follow other nations down the dead-end street of socialized medicine, take a look at how good they have it in the workers paradise of Great Britain. From the British Daily Mail: Almost 400,000 patients are still waiting more than a year […]

Gilchrist Accepts Responsibility for Huckabee Misquote

OneNewsNow says Jim Gilchrist is taking responsibility for the confusion over Huckabee’s support for a constitutional amendment to curtail automatic citizenship for children born in the United States to illegal aliens. Gilchrist admits the mistake was his own, and that it was not something the GOP presidential hopeful planned to pursue if elected. “I should […]

Pursuing Plutocracy, Ptochocracy, or a Republic?

By Bob EllisDakota Voice There’s been a fair amount of discussion in the public square lately concerning fears of a plutocracy, which is a state ruled by the wealthy. But what about a ptochocracy? As well-intentioned as some of this plutocracy talk may be, I fear a great deal of it may just be more […]

Gates on Iran

The veracity of the U.S. Navy’s version involving threatening actions by Iranian gunboats Sunday in the Strait of Hormuz is beyond question.