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Huckabee Snuggles Council on Foreign Relations

WorldNetDaily says Mike Huckabee is taking foreign policy advise from a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is getting more heat both online and in person from critics who scold the former governor for consulting the president of the Council on Foreign Relations on issues of international affairs. Last […]

Are We Giving The Robots That Run Our Society Too Much Power?

Are We Giving The Robots That Run Our Society Too Much Power? Panelists discuss whether controversial decisions by the Robot Congress and President Executron indicate robots have too much control over our lives.

How Old are the Aboriginese?

Answers with Ken Ham Click here to listen From

Video: U.S. Airstrikes on Al Qaeda

The U.S. military in Iraq released video Monday showing the destruction of an enemy mortar transport truck and suspected al qaeda safehouses.

Family News in Focus 01-10-08

Highlights: Abortion advocates try to grab money from pro-lifers Lottery income is falling off, so money-hungry state governments are upping the ante Fewer teens are using illegal drugs, but more people are using over-the-counter drugs to get high January 16 is Religious Freedom Day. President Bush is inviting schools to participate in this event which […]

License Plates: Free Speech or Not?

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Hillary Clinton’s Stunningly Unstunning Win

By Carrie K. Hutchens I couldn’t believe it when Wolfe Blitzer referred to the New Hampshire primary as a stunning win for Hillary Clinton. Stunning win? This allegedly invincible, unbeatable candidate only won the primary by 2%. That’s hardly impressive within the scheme of things, even if one wants to believe that she was losing […]

US footage of confrontation in the Gulf – 09 Jan 08

The Pentagon releases footage filmed from the USS Hopper showing Iranian boats heading towards the vessel as well as an audiotape of radio communications. This is from Al Jazeera, but it doesn’t look substantially different from the shorter Pentagon footage I posted earlier this morning. That bit at the end where the U.S. sailor says […]


James Dobson Family Minute Author Dr. James Dobson and Dr. Bill Maier bring the brutal statistics to light when it comes to living together before marriage. Click here to listen From

Iran Boat Video

The U.S. Navy has released video showing Iranian fast boats swarming around three American war ships Sunday in the Strait of Hormuz in what President Bush is calling a provocative act.

Most F-15s Return to Air Force Service

Air Combat Command cleared a majority of its F-15 A through D model fighters for a limited return to the sky on Tuesday following two months of detailed inspections.

Poverty and Marriage

KOTA has a story today about the poverty level in South Dakota. According to U.S. Census Bureau figures, South Dakota’s overall poverty rate in 2005 rose to 13.6 percent. That was the highest level since 1997. The statewide poverty rate in 2004 was 12.9 percent. The 2005 figures show that just over 100,000 people in […]

Unchurched View Christianity Positively, Church Itself Negatively

From Baptist Press comes news of a survey conducted by LifeWay Research of unchurched people. Here is just a little of what they found: “A full 72 percent of the people interviewed said they think the church ‘is full of hypocrites,’” Stetzer said. “At the same time, however, 71 percent of the respondents said they […]

The Sword and the Keys

Renewing Your Mind – Dr. R.C. Sproul Does the church have the right to criticize the government’s decisions? Does the government have the right to intervene in ecclesiastical matters? Click here to listen From

Christians and Politics

Truths That Transform When you are accused of trying to impose your morality on others, remember this—every law is an imposition of someone’s view of morality. Learn the truth about Christians and politics, when Dr. D. James Kennedy interviews Gary DeMar, on Truths That Transform. Click here to listen From

Mid-Life Crisis: Buying Into the System

James Dobson Family Minute Author and psychologist Dr. James Dobson offers insight into what can trigger a man’s mid-life crisis. Click here to listen From