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Cryin’ in the Rain

What’s this? Hillary playing the “girl card” again like she did against Rick Lazio when he “threatened” her by approaching her during a debate? The Drudge link says “Hillary tears in eyes.” Though she acted all choked up, I didn’t see any tears. But now that she’s trailing in the polls and lost Iowa, maybe […]

The Yellow One is the Sun!

This is a video of one of my favorite comedians: Brian Regan. He’s clean but very funny. I don’t know where these strange cartoons came from, but someone combined the audio of one of his standup routines with these cartoons. Try not to make too much of the images, but enjoy the soundtrack. I always […]

The Difference between Men and Bulls

Procreation by Donation Conceiving, giving birth to, and raising a child the old-fashioned way is complicated enough. But fathering a child by sperm donation can lead to, well, unforeseen consequences. Click here to listen From

Family News in Focus 01-07-08

Coalition of pro-life organizations is asking President Bush to use his executive power to keep abortion providers from tapping into family planning funds In six states, efforts are underway to place marriage protection amendment on November ballot California Supreme Court refuses to hear case that affirms same-sex partners deserve the same benefits as married couples […]

How many ‘Enablers’ can you name in South Dakota’s legislature

By Gordon Garnos AT ISSUE: For a lack of a better word, an enabler is one who enables, or simply put, gets things done. The contention here is that this state is short of enablers, especially in our stateĀ¹s Legislature. Yes, we have some, but far too few. And, yes, there are loads of maintainers, […]