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Practical Atheists

BreakPoint – Chuck Colson and Mark Earley What makes a person a hero in the eyes of others? A recent poll by CNN might surprise you. Click here to listen From

Dirty Tricks to Keep Christians Out of Politics

Time magazine yesterday says some secularists are trying to scare Christians away from the political process in Iowa. In recent days, at least two evangelical pastors who are personally supporting Mike Huckabee received anonymous mailings warning that their churches risk sanction by the Internal Revenue Service if they become too involved in politics. The pastors […]

Supreme Court Judge Bill Clinton?

This is enough to send a shudder through any American who considers justice and the Constitution important. From CNN: That provocative possibility has long been whispered in legal and political circles ever since Sen. Hillary Clinton became a viable candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. Now a respected conservative law professor has openly predicted a […]

Family News in Focus 01-03-08

Highlights: Experts warn United Nations’ list of priorities for New Year are laden with agendas that could be harmful to families Mt. Soledad cross is at center of national debate once again, and this time more than 30 members of Congress are fighting for it to stay Texas mom gets booted off bus in Fort […]

Iowa Caucus ‘Causing a Ruckus

Editorials say Iowa too unrepresentative Thu Jan 3, 1:39 PM ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As Democrats and Republicans prepared to vote in the Iowa caucuses on Thursday, some U.S. editorials said the midwestern state was too unrepresentative and voter turnout too small to merit such an outsized role in the U.S. presidential election process. (Full […]

Huckabee Supports Homeschoolers

A friend sent me a link to a ThinkAware post about Mike Huckabee and a bloggers call with homeschoolers. The article says that in 1997 Huckabee supported a program called Smart Start which “greatly increased the freedom of parents to homeschool their children.” It also says that some legislators wanted restrictions on homeschoolers, and a […]

Newly Identified Corporate Supporters of Planned Parenthood Named

FRONT ROYAL, Va., Jan. 3 /Christian Newswire/ — Life Decisions International (LDI) has released a revised edition of The Boycott List, which identifies corporations that are boycott targets due to their support of Planned Parenthood, the world’s primary abortion-advocacy group. “As a direct result of the commitment, action and prayers of pro-family people, at least […]

Family Values Report Card Published for GOP Presidential Candidates

SACRAMENTO, Jan. 2 /Christian Newswire/ — With seven states holding primaries or caucuses this month and the nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties to be decided on Super Tuesday, February 5, it’s high time that conservative voters get the facts on which candidates will defend the natural family — a father, a mother, and […]

The Devil’s Bargain: Sweatshops and the American Scheme

By John W. Whitehead “They hit you…They hit you in the head…To make you work faster.” —Nicaraguan Factory Worker The so-called season of giving is officially behind us. Even in these sluggish economic times, Americans still managed to spend more than $50 billion in gift-giving. Now that all the gifts have been opened, all that […]

Gov’t Health Care Needs Beds in Free Countries

There’s no room for this woman in the Canadian government health care system. From News1130: Arlene Meeks has been in a California hospital since December 17th. Her family has been trying to get her transferred back to the Lower Mainland for 2 weeks now but they haven’t had any luck. Stephen Harris with the South […]

Huckabee Affirms Homosexual Behavior a Choice

Okay, time to give Mike Huckabee some rare Dakota Voice props. From the Outside the Beltway blog on Huckabee’s appearance on Meet the Press: MR. RUSSERT: But this is what concerns people. This, this is what you did say about homosexuality: “I feel homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural and sinful lifestyle.” That’s millions of Americans. […]

Established Authority

James Dobson Family Minute Psychologists Dr. James Dobson and Dr. Bill Maier counsel parents to establish authority early in the relationships with their children! Click here to listen From

Family News in Focus 01-02-08

The most important of college Football bowls are all that are left, including one that not based on the teams…but on commitment to God Gay activists are determined to bend America’s small businesses to their desires during the coming year God is not welcome in 4-H anymore Homosexual movement is targeting mega-churches in 2009. An […]

Rush Limbaugh: Huckabee is Not a Conservative

Well, the modern measuring-stick of conservatism has spoken. Rush Limbaugh stated today on his show that Huckabee is not a conservative. From The Politico: “Ladies and gentlemen, Gov. Huckabee, mighty fine man and is a great Christian, is not a conservative, he’s just not,” Limbaugh said. “If you look at his record as governor, he’s […]