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Monday, June 18, 2007


A Chance of Having a Chance: The Jesse Ramirez Case


By Carrie K. Hutchens

It's happening again! A spouse attempting to have a spouse starved and dehydrated to death. This time it is in Arizona.

News reports state that on May 30th, Jesse Ramirez and his wife Rebecca were in the mist of an argument, when he lost control of the SUV they were driving in, which resulted in a roll over crash. Both were ejected from the vehicle. Jesse, 36, reportedly suffered critical injuries, which include a broken neck and head injuries, while Rebecca, 33, suffered only minor injuries.'s "To keep him alive or let him die?"  by Rich Dubek and Kevin Kennedy, 12 News (June. 13, 2007 11:37 PM) reports, "Last Thursday, Jesse underwent surgery. On Friday, Rebecca Ramirez moved him to a hospice facility and made the decision to pull his feeding tube. She refuses to talk to 12 News but Jesse's mother Theresa says "he deserves a chance to live, and she (Rebecca) won't listen."

Dubek and Kennedy further reported, "An attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, a group which supports pro-life causes, is representing the family. They say while Rebecca Ramirez has certain rights as a spouse, they question whether she is the right person to decide Jesse's fate considering their marital problems. Attorneys also say Rebecca does not have written power of attorney to remove Jesse's feeding tube. "

I would have to agree with the attorney and family.

According to News5's "Judge Orders Life Support For Patient"  (POSTED: 6:17 am PDT June 15, 2007 & UPDATED: 4:00 pm PDT June 15, 2007), "Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Paul Katz ruled Thursday that the feeding should continue and Jesse Ramirez be given resuscitation if necessary."

The report continues, "Katz ordered that an independent attorney charged with being Jesse Ramirez's advocate investigate the matter and come up with recommendations for resolving it."

"Katz also scheduled a June 26 hearing on the matter."

Also included in the report by News5, "Ramirez, 33, has said she does not want her husband to live if he could not care for himself."

Why? Is she worried that she will be required, as his wife, to care for him? Nevertheless, she was reported as saying "she does not want", rather than "Jesse not wanting". Her wanting could be totally irrelevant to the case. After all, it is "his wanting about himself" that is what is important here and in every other case.

Luckily, Jesse Ramirez is in Arizona, rather than Florida with George Felos as his wife's attorney and Judge George Greer presiding over the case, or in Texas with the futile care law. At least in Arizona, under the jurisdiction of Judge Katz, it appears he has a chance of having a chance. A chance to survive and heal, if that is his possibility! When did that become too much to ask?



Carrie Hutchens is a former law enforcement officer and a freelance writer who is active in fighting against the death culture movement and the injustices within the judicial and law enforcement systems.


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