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Friday, June 15, 2007

Representative?  President and Senate vs. America


By Paul E. Scates

From the Houston Chronicle Friday, June 15, 2007: “Senate leaders, under intense pressure from immigrant-rights groups, the business sector and the White House, agreed Thursday on a plan to revive an immigration bill sidetracked last week by partisan clashes and conservative opposition.” Notice there’s no mention of “pressure” or the opinions of the majority of American citizens whom these senators are supposed to represent.

Although 76% of American voters vehemently oppose any form of amnesty for the 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S., the Senate still trotted out their immigration “reform” bill for a vote last week, and tried patching it up with numerous amendments designed to garner the acceptance of recalcitrant senators. Thankfully, it was to no avail...that time.

Clearly, however, our esteemed representatives in the upper house clearly do not get the message. Neither does our “Conservative” president. The bill will be brought up again, after ten days of arm-twisting, pot-sweetening and “compromises” amongst the politicos. Why, the President even made a rare visit to Capitol Hill earlier this week to prod Republicans to support the legislation. In their latest ploy, two Republicans offered an amendment that gives over $4 billion up front for “tightened border security and enforcement,” a move hailed by the White House. On Thursday President Bush promised tougher border security, saying that this measure will “ the American people that we're going to do our jobs of securing this border once and for all.”

The president and the Congress haven’t done anything towards “securing this border” to date, but if we’ll just trust them, they’ll actually “do our jobs” this time?

In the American Revolution one of the rallying cries for the colonists was, “No taxation without representation!” Yet today your “representatives” in the Senate simply thumb their nose at the clearly expressed will of the people, and continue to ram through this legislation that most Americans don’t want. They know that most Americans aren’t paying attention, plus they simply don’t care what you and I want anyway. You want proof?

Over 85% of Americans still claim to be Christian, yet our Congressional representatives have for five decades allowed patently unconstitutional court rulings to undermine the moral foundation of this society, the Judeo-Christian Bible. No, not of some nebulous “faith,” nor some generic “religious belief”...this nation was founded upon the moral principles of the Bible and the Christian faith. Muslims, atheists, Jains, Buddhists, et al, are free to practice their faith as they will, but it is Christianity and the Bible that is one of the three primary foundations of this nation. To claim otherwise is to identify one as either ignorant or dishonest.

Over 75% of the American electorate consistently opposed abortion-on-demand prior to and for years following the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision, yet Congress has for forty years ignored the very first principle of the Declaration of Independence – our inalienable right to life, not to mention the will of the people, and their Constitutional responsibility to faithfully represent that will – and has refused to even try to over-ride a groundless decision that tears at the moral fabric of this nation.

Now they’re again showing their contempt for the American public. By simply dismissing the rank disregard for laws exhibited by those who entered this nation illegally, senators who swore an oath to “support and defend” the Constitution of the United States are helping to destroy another of this society’s foundations, the rule of law. Instead of “bearing true faith and allegiance” to that Constitution, they want to provide amnesty to those who broke the law, and want us to believe that the trillions it will cost taxpayers to pick up the tab for the social services and Social Security payments (to those who have paid little or nothing into Social Security) is for our own good?

Reason, the third foundation of this nation, demands that they not be allowed to continue in their flagrant disregard for the nation and the will of the people, and of the foundations that led to our great freedoms and prosperity. We didn’t hold our Congress accountable for the courts’ ejection of God from schools and the public arena, even though the Constitution clearly provides...nay, requires their action against any ruling that is in violation of the Constitution. So they got bolder in their self-serving behavior and contempt for us and that Constitution.

Nor did we hold our representatives accountable for allowing the courts to sanction the wholesale murder of innocents for the convenience of irresponsible women. So they got bolder still. Now they’re not just “doing nothing” in the face of unconstitutional judicial rulings...they’re actively violating that Constitution themselves, and daring to tell us we’re either racist, anti-immigration “nativists” if we oppose their political agenda, or else too stupid to see the benefits of amnesty.

Will we continue to allow them to act as if they’re kings who must answer to no one and nothing but their own self-serving political interests? Will we still do nothing, even as our society continues to unravel, while they concentrate on feathering their own political nests and expanding their power (i.e., the scope and power of the federal government)? Are we so apathetic, or so stupid, that we think our freedoms and prosperity will continue once our country’s foundations are destroyed?

The Bible, our crucial and necessary moral foundation, the rule of law that protects every American, and now plain common sense (i.e., reason)...these are all to be sacrificed at the altar of political expedience. Not for us, despite the bald-faced lies of senators and the president, but for their political careers, their continuation in power, their legacy. But the principle foundations of our nation cannot be destroyed without also destroying every single social, political and material benefit that you and I, and our ancestors, have enjoyed since 1776. Jefferson said it best, “If a nation wants to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it wants what has never been and never will be.” Your “representatives” are betraying you; your hired guns have turned on you and are destroying the Golden Goose...yet in your willful ignorance and apathy you continue to do nothing, enabling them to represent “immigrant rights groups, business interests and the White House,” instead of our interests. You blindly accept whatever spews forth from the maw of “government,” as if you were some helpless victim of Lenin, Stalin or Mao.

If they will so boldly attack and destroy our very moral, political and economic foundations, then which of our freedoms are safe from their deceit and betrayal? Write, email or call your “representatives” in both houses of Congress; enough angry contacts from constituents still gets their attention, because they crave their positions and power too much to risk voting against an awakened public. They’ve gotten away with their betrayals for forty years precisely because you and I haven’t made our will known, and now they’ve become so bold that they flagrantly ignore that will. Let them know, today and this weekend, that they do so at peril of their precious positions of power and privilege.



Formerly a liberal and an atheist, Paul E. Scates served as a Marine in Vietnam and is a lifelong student of American history, politics and culture. A former contributor to national website, he writes his staunchly independent Conservative and informed Christian commentary for his fellow ordinary, working Americans, the “we, the people” who are ultimately responsible for preserving our Constitutional liberties. He welcomes your , pro or con.



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