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Hard to Accept What We Can't Dismiss


By Ralph Hatcher, M.D.

Mr. Ellis' piece on the opening of the Creation Museum this week is a well-stated indictment of the pro-Darwin scientists who find themselves tangled in their "just so" stories and dismissal of the mountain of evidence that is contrary to their pet theories. Their position is becoming less and les tenable and endeavors such as the Creation Museum represent a serious, credible threat to their worldview, if not their professions.

There is an International UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico that claims to have “intriguing evidence” for extra-terrestrial life and of “cover-ups” by the government and military. Surely, there are those who are true believers and no amount of argument or evidence will dissuade them.

I have yet to see articles in major U.S. papers, or discussions on network news programs about the UFO museum and the damage that it does to science in the mind of gullible Americans. How science is being replaced by mythology and people are being misled by self-serving hucksters; all of which has been true in this past week with the opening of the Creation Museum.

The UFO believers are viewed as fairly benign kooks and no serious scientist needs to give them much thought because they represent no threat to their worldview. Actually, they advance that worldview and are tolerated and even encouraged by mainstream scientists.

The Darwinian house of cards is trembling and the wind is picking up. I believe we’ll see it fall within a decade. Will scientists then turn to Scripture in search of Truth? A few will, but not most. We’ll have a new theory advanced that again rejects the Bible accounts, based upon much speculation and a paucity of evidence. Panspermia and Punctuated Equilibrium (sic) were early attempts, but I have faith the “scientists” can be even more creative when their backs are against the wall.


Dr. Hatcher is a practicing physician and university professor living in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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