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Monday, June 18, 2007


Poll: Less than One Percent of Christians Believe Evolution-Only Should be Taught

40% believe children should learn both creation and evolution

HOUSTON, Texas, June 18, /Christian Newswire/ --, the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly pages loads recently conducted a poll asking participants to decide whether Creationism or Evolution should be taught to children in the classroom. Participants could also cast a vote in favor of both being taught or for neither choice. Voters were given the opportunity to comment about their selection. Because ChristiaNet's Internet community consists largely of people who claim to follow the Christian faith, the results of the poll were surprising.

Out of 527 participants, 269 believed that Creationism should be taught in the classroom. This figure represents just more than half of those taking the poll. Only 14 voted for an Evolution-only approach to teaching children about the beginnings and development of mankind. Thirty-four said the topic should not be discussed in school and avoided all together. The most surprising number, however, was the 210 participants who believed children should learn both theories. This number may represent an indecisiveness about Creationism among those who claim to be Christians.

One voter supporting the "both" category stated, "Creationism should be taught to believers and Evolution to non-believers because of diverse religious backgrounds." A supporter of the "neither category" asked, "If highly educated people can't decide - why confuse children?"

Those who were firm on their stance, choosing either the teachings of Creationism or Evolution also had comments. A Pro-Creationism participated stated, "Evolution has been disproved many times." Another said, "Evolution does not make sense, if we evolved from apes, why do they still exist today?" And, an Evolution supporter commented, "Evolution is documented and has provable/testable evidence."

"We find it interesting that just under half of those polled find some credibility in the theories of Evolution," stated ChristiaNet's president, Bill Cooper. "Much of the information on evolution in the textbooks has been proven wrong or cannot be proven at all." ChristiaNet's research found that most states do not have laws prohibiting Creationism from being taught in schools, requiring that only factual information be presented. Creationism is the teaching that all life was and is created by God. Evolution teaches that life originated from the big bang.

To expose the falsehoods of Evolution, ChristiaNet has just released a series of Free Evolution Tracts. Using the latest interactive ecard technology, ChristiaNet has made it simple to share these funny yet informative ecards with friends and family.

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