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Evolutionists Afraid Creation Museum Exposes Their Soft Underbelly

"Credible" creation presentation pierces armor of evolution "superiority"


By Bob Ellis

Dakota Voice

From the Dickson Herald comes another article on the new Creation Museum opening up in Kentucky by Answers in Genesis, titled "Creation Museum worries scientists."

I think what they mean here is that it worries scientists who believe in the scientifically untenable theory of evolution. I don't think it worries the scientists who believe what the Bible says about creation and believe that science agrees with that account.

"Everything science has taught us over the course of the last 200 years teaches us that this kind of literal, biblical, creationist notion is misguided at best, and just plain false at worst," said Alan Leshner, chief executive officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The world's largest general scientific society, it serves 10 million scientists and publishes the journal Science.

Actually, science hasn't taught us that at all. The theories of men who are desperate to escape accountability to God and have interpreted scientific evidence as supporting naturalistic and materialistic causes have taught us that. Science and naturalism are two different things, and what is being taught in most schools and propagated by the "mainstream" media is naturalism, not science.

"I believe in free speech," he says, "(but) I believe that people who go into the public education business and that's what museums do have an obligation to convey the most up-to-date and accurate information that they can, not to try to persuade people to (accept) a particular ideological belief."

The Creation Museum will convey the most up-to-date and accurate information. It will just do so with the interpretation that says science supports the Genesis creation account, not the interpretation that says everything came about through spontaneous and naturalistic causes. It's too bad they're unwilling to adhere to the ideological bent of which they accuse creationists.

The Answers in Genesis Creation Museum isn't the first creation science display or facility to come along, so why are evolutionists so worked up over it? Here's the rub:

Scientists might be inclined to simply ignore the Creation Museum if it were some carnival-like road show. But its message comes slickly packaged with cutting-edge technology. Portions of it will have the look and feel of a mainstream science museum.

Until now, a lot of money--including a lot of taxpayer money--has gone into making evolution look slick and classy and credible...but, as usual, Christians have been slow to put their money where their mouth is.

Not so anymore. People will be able to see the Genesis account of creation presented cleanly, high-tech, and classy. That scares the living daylights out of evolutionists to have their theories compete on a level playing field with the Bible. They've hidden behind white coats and letters after their names and lots of taxpayer funding for many years.

Now, suddenly they realize people may see through the fallacy of evolution. They fear that not only will people see well-presented and scientifically viable alternate explanations for our origins, they may also see evolution for the paper tiger it really is. Evolutionists are terrified that people will realize creationists have scientific theories about life and the universe that are at least as scientifically viable as those of evolutionists, if not more.

No one was here to see exactly what happened 6,000 years ago...or 4.5 billion years ago, so evolutionists don't know at all what they claim to know. As creationists look at the scientific evidence through the lens of belief in God as Creator (that lens is known as a "worldview"), so also evolutionists look at the very same evidence through the "worldview" lens of belief that there is no God and conclude that the evidence came about without supernatural causation.

Neither the creationist nor the evolutionist can know with certainty what happened prior to recorded history (which incidentally begins not long after the Genesis account says everything was created). Both must examine the same set of evidence, develop a theory...and then go on faith. Yes, the evolutionist exercises just as much "faith" as the believer in Genesis; they just refuse to admit it.

Evolutionists don't want you to know about the inconsistencies in their religion, though. They don't want you to know about the flaws in radiometric dating that return wildly and verifiably inaccurate readings obtained from modern samples. They don't want to get into the problems of irreducible complexity which show the scientific impossibility of evolution. They don't want to get into all the laws of physics that would have to be shattered for things like star formation and even the "Big Bang" itself to have happened.

And they definitely don't want you to know that those creation science theories were developed according to scientific principles by scientists with degrees just as impressive and reputable as theirs...the only difference being that the creation scientist believes the Bible and his theories are in harmony with both science and the Bible.

From what I've read from Ken Ham and the folks at Answers in Genesis, they're eager to engage evolutionists in the debate about origins. And so am I.

Scientific theories that can't stand the test of scrutiny on an even playing field don't deserve to be called science.

And take heed, evolutionists: in Kentucky, the playing field just got a lot more even.

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