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South Dakota Preschool Bill Scheduled for Vote Feb. 8

Some concerned about detrimental effects on young children




SB 115, a preschool education bill, goes before the South Dakota Senate for a vote tomorrow, Feb. 7. 

The bill which would add "pre-kindergarten and K-12" to the language to SDCL 13-1-12.1, providing the South Dakota Board of Education the authority for classification and accreditation of preschool, opening the door for a state preschool program in South Dakota.

Western Dakota Families, a pro-family group from western South Dakota, says a number of conservative state senators are "on board" with it.

Many conservatives throughout the state are opposed to the government preschool program proposed by Governor Mike Rounds recently. They have concerns about taking children away from their parents at such a young age, and cite studies which indicate development may actually be hindered in some children.

A number of studies also indicate any academic boost gained from preschool programs has dissipated by the third grade.

Some are also concerned that preschool may be made mandatory in the future.

Monday's legislative discussion of the bill can be heard at the South Dakota Public Broadcasting Statehouse website here.

Cindy Flakoll of Concerned Women for America South Dakota has written a series of articles on Dakota Voice about the problems with preschool.

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