Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Stands Up in 8 Countries

The Chicago Tribune is one of a very few–if any–media outlets to take a look at a study in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons which shows a link between abortion and breast cancer:

Using statistical techniques and reliable national health data, the study of eight European countries found, to a statistically significant degree, that the incidence of breast cancer increases with the incidence of earlier abortions.

One really has to scratch one’s head that the “mainstream” media hasn’t picked up on this more. I mean, the link has been tested in eight countries and it stands up? Yet with global warming we have, “Well, we don’t have evidence, but give us time…” and the media is running around screaming and pulling their hair out? Why the difference? Since they’re “objective,” I’m sure it couldn’t have anything to do with one item fitting their liberal agenda and the other one blowing a hole in that agenda.

They wouldn’t purposefully leave women at risk, not with information like this:

according to one unchallenged compressive analysis of those studies, they show that a pregnant woman who has never had a child before and aborts in the first term increased her chance of breast cancer by 50 percent.

LifeSite.net points out that the insurance industry is already acting on this data:

More significantly, this research was discussed in the insurance magazine “The Actuary.” Insurance actuaries were advised to adjust their insurance premiums and reserves accordingly in order to plan for a 50% increase in breast cancer projected out to 2029.

Malec continued, “The abortion-breast cancer link critics are having a hard time explaining why an insurance magazine would publish a “politically motivated” article discussing the abortion-breast cancer link and advising its readers that this epidemic will be costly for the insurance industry and consumers. Insurance companies, after all, are in the business of making money and pleasing their stock-holders, not in dealing with politically motivated issues.”

“For people who don’t know who to believe, when the insurance industry starts talking about the issue then we know its a serious problem,” Malec concluded.

So do you think that, since South Dakotans will once again be looking at abortion in the coming year, they’d want to know all the facts…or would it be better just to keep our heads buried in the sand and hope for the best?

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