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LRC Approves Legislative Code of Conduct

The Argus Leader has information on a new four-paragraph code of conduct which was unanimously approved by the Legislative Research Council yesterday. The code of conduct comes in response to concerns after allegations that Senator Dan Sutton’s inappropriately touched a male page in his hotel room, and former Rep. Ted Klaudt was found to be […]

It’ll Cost (You) a Lot to Elect Hillary Clinton

I came across this tonight on Free Republic. It’s a Spend-O-Meter illustrating how much it’ll cost us to elect Hillary Clinton as president. For details of how all this adds up, go to for info, including references. For recent public school grads who might have missed the impact, $733 billion is 3/4 of a […]

Mike Huckabee: Master of Ill-Conceived Slogans

The editors of National Review Online have a pretty damning analysis of Mike Huckabee today. Here’s the heart of it: Unfortunately, what Huckabee offers by way of solutions is a mixture of populism and big-government liberalism; the common theme of his policies is that they are half-baked. If an ill-considered slogan can be used to […]

Farmers at CNN Planting Bumper Crop of Questions

CNN has been getting an increasingly hard (and deserved) time for their less-than-objective and not-as-portrayed handling of the recent Democrat presidential debate. You’ve probably heard about the laimo “diamonds and pearls” question, but that’s not all. Keep in mind that we’re told Fox News=Bad Right Wing Hate Machine while CNN=Objective News. I’m getting my leg […]

Video: Novak on the Clinton-Obama Dirt Scandal

Bob Novak joins the crew of Fox and Friends to discuss his recent article in the Washington Post. Novak quoted insiders of the Clinton campaign who said Hillary had some serious dirt on rival Barrack Obama. Novak’s source said that Hillary was taking the high road in not releasing this information to the media.