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Loftus: Evidence Points to Iraq WMDs

Intelligence expert John Loftus has a startling piece at FrontPage Magazine today on the mountain of Iraqi documents still being reviewed (only about 10% of what’s been obtained has actually been read, so far). Loftus is a former Army officer and DOJ prosecutor. While his intro says that both those who say there were no […]

Part 4 of Islam Seminar in Rapid City

South Canyon Baptist Church in Rapid City will once again be hosting an Islam seminar Sunday night at 6:30 PM. This one will be part 4 in the series being taught by Dr. Richard Wells, Senior Pastor of South Canyon Baptist. This installment is entitled “Islam: Past and Present.” I have reports and video from […]

Localized Self Loathing

Liberals have long been known for their self-loathing of our American way of life. For decades we’ve seen the Left loathe anything Christian, anything American, and anything Western for that matter. It seems they’re always at the head of the line when it’s time to name bad things about Christianity/America/the West, but somehow always find […]

Waking Up to the Truth About Global Warming

Here’s a video by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on what global warming legislation in Congress can do for us. If you want to line Al Gore’s pockets by buying his stupid book and watching his sci-fi “documentaries,” go ahead. The rest of us would rather keep our money instead of investing in someone’s B-Grade […]

New Charges Against Hillary

I just found out there’s a new and compelling reason we must stop Hillary. Watch this video for the startling truth: HT to Kevin McCullough.

Mexican Immigration Laws

Liberals here in the States want to give illegals drivers licenses, as the Hillary/Spitzer controversy of the last week or so has illustrated. But do they give illegals a drivers license in Mexico? From Fox News: Because of the number of illegal Mexicans residing in the U.S., America’s southern neighbor has battled to open the […]

Islam Scholar Calls Abourezk ‘Apologist for Terror’

Authority on Islam Robert Spencer has a piece today at Frontpage Magazine on none other than South Dakota’s own (maybe I shouldn’t say that too loudly) Jim Abourezk. The piece calls Abourezk and the Anti-Discrimination Committee “apologists for terror.” Many on the Left like to play the handy ole moral-equivalency card and say that Christian […]

Styling on the Road to Ruin

John Whitehead’s recent column on the congressional investigation of several high-profile ministries should be even more disturbing to Christians than non-Christians. I don’t know whether they’re guilty of the thing of anything criminal; for the sake of the Gospel’s credibility, I hope they’re not (I know that the moral failures of human beings does nothing […]

Terrorist Org Endorses Hillary

From WorldNetDaily: Hamas believes Sen. Hillary Clinton, if elected president in 2008, will end President Bush’s “unlimited military and diplomatic support for Israel” and adapt a more “evenhanded” approach toward the Palestinians, says the group’s top political adviser. When you and your campaign have the support of a terrorist organization, you should really stop and […]

Abortion Poll: Now Pull My Other Leg

KELO says both pro-life and pro-abortion groups came out with polls today. Pro lifers gathered to show what they say are positive results. The poll found 75 percent of South Dakota voters are against abortions used solely as birth control and 55 percent have an overall pro life approach to the issue. Interestingly, that means […]