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Christians Lead Rebuilding in Fire-Struck Calif.

This is how it’s supposed to be done: the private sector, and especially churches, getting into the trenches to help in times of need. From Christian Today: News about the widespread California wildfire have faded from the headlines, but Christian organisations and churches remain behind to help clean up the overwhelming destruction left by the […]

What Did We Do Before Welfare?

A letter to the editor in today’s Rapid City Journal: Life in a pre-SCHIP home taught lessons Life in a pre-SCHIP home taught lessons We need to look at life before SCHIP. I remember a lady in the 1930’s who lost her husband at a young age, leaving her with eight children, the oldest 12. […]

Replacing Weasels with Patriots

There’s been talk the past few days that some of the diplomatic staff at the State Department are almost in open rebellion about being assigned to Iraq. Apparently these pansies think it’s too dangerous to be posted over there (what about the troops who are not only posted there, but walk the streets and hills […]

Fighting Global Warming on Cold Morning

From today’s Rapid City Journal: MOUNT RUSHMORE — While audience members shivered and pulled on their free Stop Global Warming T-shirts to add another layer, local Greenpeace organizer Ferale Hubbard admitted that it was hard to think about global warming. “Thank you for coming and waiting in the cold … it’s difficult to think (about) […]