Pro-Family Third Party Alternative?

From WorldNetDaily today:

Some of the top leaders in Christian pro-family activism – including James Dobson of Focus on the Family – met in Salt Lake City yesterday to plot a strategy if Rudy Giuliani or another supporter of legalized abortion is nominated by the Republican Party as its presidential candidate.

Not only was there a consensus among activists to withhold support for the Republican nominee, there was even discussion about supporting the entry of a new candidate to challenge the frontrunners.

In the last week I’ve been privy to a couple of conversations about efforts to find a third party candidate in the event Guiliani receives the Republican nomination–and these people are 100% serious.

I’ve said several times before that if the Republican Party nominates Guiliani, then we will definitely have a Democrat president in 2008. While such a scenario would bear striking similarities to Bob Dole’s lackluster campaign of 1996, it would be even worse because while Dole gave no reason for traditional Americans to get excited about him, Guiliani obviously gives traditional Americans a lot to dislike about him (e.g. abortion, homosexuality).

If Republicans continue down the course of supporting Guiliani and move to coronate him, that will demonstrate how little they understand traditional Americans. In fact, it will show how far “establishment” Republicans (Sibby would call them “country club Republicans) have strayed from the core values of the Republican Party. If that happens, it would simply be a anti-tax, pro-business party that had lost it’s heart and soul.

I will be having additional discussions with other traditional Americans on this issue in the next 3-4 weeks. I hadn’t planned on saying anything until sometime after a certain meeting in a few weeks, but with this WND story letting the cat out of the bag…Still, there are a lot of details to be worked out.

I still believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for repairing the damage done by decades of liberalism. I just hope they don’t throw it all away by embracing a liberal who has an R after his name.

2 Responses to “Pro-Family Third Party Alternative?”

  1. Oh, please do. Don’t wait, go now. make that third party: Then the Republicans can recover and get back to business… and while they recover, we Dems can take over and straighten things out.

  2. I admit, coralhei, that a third party candidacy has a big hill to climb. But then, political parties have gone the way of the dinosaur before. If the Republican Party is unwilling to learn from it’s success of 1994 and it’s failure of 2006, then maybe it’s time to put that party out to pasture.

    It might even take a cycle or two of traditional Americans being out in the wilderness before we could get things back on track again…but it might be worth it. Bill Clinton is what got Republicans the Congress in 1994; maybe their drunken spending before the 2006 election, and a Guiliani nomination will get us a new third party that’s sincere about restoring America to it’s traditional values and constitutional foundation.

    Who knows? Maybe all it will take is Republicans seeing their base serious about deserting them (in the event of a Guiliani nomination) for them to pull their collective heads out and get serious about paying more than lip service to their own party platform.

    Time will tell…