NYT: Working for Failure

From CNS News, apparently the New York Times is pretty upset that President Bush isn’t listening to them when they repeatedly try to tell him that the war in Iraq is a failure:

The editorial blasted Bush for failing to draw Iraq’s neighbors into a solution to the conflict; “the world is still waiting” for Bush to involve Middle Eastern nations in a diplomatic effort, the newspaper said.

“Once again, it is clear that Mr. Bush refuses to recognize the truth of his failure in Iraq and envisions a military commitment that has no end,” the editorial said.

(Do they mean a milityar commitment like the one we have in Germany and Japan, where we still have troops after 60 years, or perhaps the one like Korea, where we still have troops after 50 years?)

I can understand how they’d be upset. After all, the NYT and many other media outlets, in conjunction with the Democrats in Congress, have worked very hard to create a failure in Iraq. They have a lot invested in failure there, and it must be frustrating not to have the president–and the troops–be on board with that failure.

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