Napoli Letter is Dead On

South Dakota state senator Bill Napoli has a good letter in today’s Rapid City Journal, which accurately fits the culture shift being pushed on us:

Extremists are now called mainstreamers

I had a nice talk the other day with a self proclaimed liberal who was trying to convince me how far our country has moved forward. Yes, indeed!

Anyone who marries a person of a different gender, goes to church, raises responsible children and demands accountability is called an extremist. A person who believes in less taxes, taking care of yourself and your family without meddling government programs, the right to own, possess and use guns is called a radical.

People who believe in morals, integrity, honesty, respect for life, and yes, even virginity, are Right Wing Zealots.

And, anyone who dares to profess any of these beliefs publicly are called Wing Nuts.

Oh yes, we have come a long way.

Now we have the Progressive Era. People who believe in same sex marriage, abortion on demand, (paid for by taxpayers), anything goes, do whatever makes you feel good, increase government programs no matter what the cost is, while raising taxes believe they are on the politically correct path. Honesty and responsibility just doesn’t matter. It’s all the government or society’s fault.

These people are now called moderates or mainstreamers. Yeah, we’ve come a long way in the name of progress.

Bill Napoli
Rapid City

And someday, the bill will come due. I don’t want to be around when that happens.

One Response to “Napoli Letter is Dead On”

  1. I think we have been paying the price for some time now, we just weren’t aware of the hidden costs being charged to us. Not truly challenged, the attitude is now to bring it all out into the open and tell us we have no choice but to do, play and pay their way!