More Hostility to Religion

According to a WorldNetDaily article, a youth services worker was fired because some of the juvenile offenders with whom he worked also attended his church.

Hughes’ religious work had not raised an objection from BAYS for a number of years. During his free time he first served as youth pastor, then as assistant pastor, at Calvary Chapel of Tampa.

Then some juveniles under his supervision voluntarily attended church services and sports activities sponsored by the church.

But when one event was held at the University Area Community Center Complex. UACDC, which also manages the community center, objected to the religious content of the Calvary Chapel youth activities, banned the activities from the center and insisted Hughes end his participation.

Since UACDC also funds and manages the Prodigy program, BAYS adopted a policy that juveniles in the program could not attend any event where Hughes was present, even though no problems had ever arisen with the juveniles because of the church events.

BAYS then terminated Hughes, although he had excellent performance reviews, only because he would not agree to either stop attending his church or prohibit juveniles in the program from attending.

Heaven-forbid…oh, sorry, can’t get heaven involved…mankind forbid that juvenile offenders attend a church. Who knows, they might end up learning right from wrong and actually make morally correct decisions. As a youth services agency, we certainly wouldn’t want kids to learn right from wrong, would we?

This confusion over the First Amendment and outright hostility toward Christianity has passed into the realm of the outright bizarre (and I’m being charitable).

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