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Another ADULT Stem Cell Advance

Science Daily is reporting yet another adult stem cell advance.

This one involves adult stem cells taken from blood vessels and researchers believe it will be effective in repairing heart tissue, bone, cartilage and muscles.

“To make this available as a therapy, we would take a muscle biopsy from a patient with a muscle injury or disease, remove the myoendothelial cells and treat the cells in the lab. The stem cells would then be re-injected into the patient to repair the muscle damage. Because this is an autologous transplant, meaning from the patient to himself, there is not the risk of rejection you would have if you took the stem cells from another source.”

There is simply no need to destroy human life through embryonic stem cell research when adult stem cell research is already helping people.

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One Response to “Another ADULT Stem Cell Advance”

  1. Embryonic stem cell research has been plaqued with problems besides the ethical concerns. There is the problem of rejection and the tendency for the cells to mutate into malignant cells. Yet, proponents keep holding out for a breakthrough on the dubious promise of greater application of embryonic stem cells.

    The real promise of embryonic stem cell research (ESR), however, is a way to tap into the federal largesse for years to come. Also, there are those who see ESR as a way to legitimize abortion–we’d all feel so much better about abortion if we knew the embryos were being donated to “science.”