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The Blessings of Indifference

I just got around to watching the 1/2 Hour News Hour from last week. They had a great segment on Kansas Secular University and the welcoming ceremonies for the new year. This would be a great place for you secularists who loathe any sort of expression of faith in public. The segment featured Joseph Liverton, […]

Jericho: Rare Good TV That Will Be Returning

Anthony C. LoBaido has a piece today at WorldNetDaily on one of my (few) favorite TV shows: Jericho. For the remnant in “Jericho,” it means embracing a sense of community as the great themes of life and history are brought back from theme parks to their rightful place in reality. “Jericho” features a plot that […]

Personhood of the Unborn

A WorldNetDaily article today examines efforts in the pro-life community to directly challenge the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that “legalized” abortion in America. The basis for the challenge: one that was provided by Justice Harry Blackmun, the chief force behind the Roe decision. Back then, even in the Roe opinion itself, Blackmun admitted that […]

More Studies Undermine Global Warming Foundations

Someday, maybe not too far away, we’re all going to look back on this man-made global warming craze and wonder how in the world so many supposedly-thinking people were so profoundly duped. From WorldNetDaily: A new peer-reviewed scientific study counters a major premise of global warming theory, concluding carbon dioxide did not end the last […]

Video: Rush Limbaugh on the Anatomy of a Smear

Below is a video of Rush Limbaugh discussing the attempt by the Left to smear him and his recent comments about “phony soldiers” like Jesse Macbeth–not actual soldiers. The Left is still stinging from their miscalculation on the “General Betray Us” ad, and are looking to create the illusion of a little “moral equivalency,” […]