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Senator Johnson Invokes the Thought Police

Today the U.S. Senate voted to approve hate crime legislation to provide special rights to homosexuals. Senator John Thune voted against the measure and Senator Tim Johnson, who says he will be running for re-election next year, voted for the hate crimes law. This bill was an amendment to a defense spending bill. You can […]

Senator Johson: Says ‘Determined’ to Run Again

From the Argus Leader, Senator Tim Johnson has sent out a fundraising letter in which he states he will definitely run again next year for the senate: “I am more determined than ever to run for re-election and continue serving the people of South Dakota in the United States Senate,” he wrote in an email […]

Dems Tack Homosexual Rights Bill to Military Funding

From KOTA, here’s how liberals try to push through societal change and special rights for protected groups: just tack it onto something legitimate. The Senate has attached hate crime legislation to a Pentagon spending bill in an effort to get it passed. But opponents predict it will fail, either in negotiations with the House or […]

Blade Runner: What Does It Mean to Be Human?

By John W. Whitehead In our strange and potentially very dangerous world where science fiction and Charles Darwin often collide, a handful of scientists are racing to be the first to create life. According to a flood of recent reports, this artificial life could be as close as six months away. In fact, Pat Mooney, […]

TerriPAC Closes Up Shop

By Carrie K. Hutchens Quoting the now defunct political action committee’s website, whether it be Derek Newton or Michael Schiavo that actually posted… “I say TerriPAC “was” because I’ve decided to close TerriPAC.” Whomever is writing the material is making it sound as though it is merely time to move on and to do other […]