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More Episcopalian Rifts

From WorldNetDaily: The Episcopal Church is on the verge of a mass exodus if it doesn’t repent of its approval of homosexual relationships, warn the leaders of three diocese that signaled their intent this week to leave the 2 million-member denomination. The dioceses of Fort Worth, Pittsburgh and Quincy, Ill., have stated if they don’t […]

Pastor Fired for Praying in Jesus’ Name

From WorldNetDaily, a pastor in Florida is fired for praying in Jesus’ name: Harvey told WND as a Christian chaplain, he routinely supported other faiths, such as Islam, expressed by patients by getting them access to someone who could help them directly with their needs. “There are some things I can’t do as an evangelical […]

Hardees Tones Down Commercial

From AOL Money: The fast food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have pushed the bounds of good taste before with TV ads featuring Paris Hilton, Hugh Hefner and a woman riding a mechanical bull while chomping a burger. But their most recent ads featuring a teacher who dances on her desk and touches her backside […]