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NYC Pays Parents to Parent

From the New York Daily News, New York City is paying parents to send their children to school and ensure they pass tests: Families can get up to $5,000 a year in payouts. An annual medical checkup gets each family member $200. The families get up to $500 if a child attends high school 95% […]

Cabela’s Vote Next Week

The vote on the land giveaway to Cabela’s is coming up next Tuesday, and today I got another mailer from Cabela’s–this one a folded 4-page flier. The main problem I had with the Cabela’s deal was destroying a multi-million dollar Visitor Information Center (VIC) that is less than 10 years old, and shoving it inside […]

General Lies and Power?

The Weekly Standard blog has a good ad that, if was around 65 years ago, you might have seen in the papers, entitled “General Eisenhower or General Lies and Power?” Go check it out.

Homosexuals CAN Leave the Lifestyle

Christianity Today has an article on “An Older, Wiser Ex-Gay Movement.” Some of the cited findings by psychologists Stanton Jones of Wheaton College and Mark Yarhouse of Regent University: By most measures, the average participant experienced statistically significant change in his or her sexual identity and sexual attractions. Such changes were generally modest, though, with […]

NYT: Working for Failure

From CNS News, apparently the New York Times is pretty upset that President Bush isn’t listening to them when they repeatedly try to tell him that the war in Iraq is a failure: The editorial blasted Bush for failing to draw Iraq’s neighbors into a solution to the conflict; “the world is still waiting” for […]

NYT Ad Discount: Giuliani Says ‘Me Too!’

From The Hill: Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) said Thursday that he is asking The New York Times for the “same heavily discounted rate they gave” for his campaign to run an ad in Friday’s paper. Giuliani, calling’s controversial “General Betray Us” ad “abominable,” said his campaign is asking the […]