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‘Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be?’ could be Washington, D.C.’s theme song

By Gordon Garnos PREFACE: Labor Day weekend is the traditional kickoff for the presidential election coming up in just a little over a year. However, this tradition was busted a year or so ago by a number of candidates, hopefuls and other wannabes. Does all or any part of this have any effect on South […]

Tyrants Never Learn

The following is from a comment left earlier this evening by an American hero, Sgt. Jim Baxter. I thought his service and sacrifice, not to mention the wisdom contained therein, demanded a full blog post of his comments: ————————-Every September, I recall that it is more than half a century (62 years) since I landed […]

If I Die Before You Wake

This was sent to me from a friend. I’m told it was done by one of our heroes in Iraq. Watch it…take a good, long look. These are our soldiers who are being undermined by many of their leaders and fellow citizens here at home. These are the people being endangered by the politicization and […]