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Gulfstreaming Against Global Warming

The Drudge Report has a piece on a video of eco-warrior Al Gore on a luxury jet. The piece says Sean Hannity will reveal the video on his show Sunday night on Fox News. If Gore can just convince enough of the little people to suck it up and sacrifice, maybe it will make up […]

Uninsured Only about 5 Percent

James Shott’s column at Spero News shines the light of facts on the “uninsured” in America. He points out that 9.5 million of the “uninsured” aren’t even U.S. citizens, and 17 million make more than $50,000 a year and should be able to afford insurance. This brings us down to about 20 million, or about […]

Congress Gives China a Free Pass…Again

From Fox News: In just over a month, Mattel Inc., the world’s largest toy maker, has announced three major recalls due to concerns about excessive lead paint in the Chinese-made toys. Hearings in the House and the Senate are expected to examine Mattel’s dealings with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which oversees product safety and […]

When the State Fails to Protect

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, vigilantes in Pennsylvania beat the daylights out of a suspected child predator: Investigators said Mr. Newingham, 43, had been inviting children to his home since last month. Only once did any of them accept, police said. On Tuesday evening he tried to lure a 10-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl who […]

Giuliani: Illegal Immigration Isn’t Illegal

Glenn Beck’s website has an inconsistent interview with Rudy Giulianion illegal immigration. First, Guiliani says illegal immigration isn’t illegal. GLENN: Right. But isn’t illegal immigration a crime in and of itself? GIULIANI: No. Then Guiliani says it shouldn’t be illegal: GLENN: Should it be? GIULIANI: Should it be? No, it shouldn’t be because the government […]