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President Bush ‘Does Tears’

Yahoo News has a story on George W. Bush, the man behind the mantle of the presidency. The article takes a look at Robert Draper’s book “Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush,” which went on sale Tuesday. One passage reveals the difference between his public persona and his private turmoils. President Bush told […]

Hillary on Video Affirming U.S. Subservience

WorldNetDaily has a report on Walter Cronkite’s desire for a world government where U.S. sovereignty would be subservient to that “world federation.” I’ve never been the first to jump on these “one-world government conspiracies,” but take a look for yourself. Here’s what Cronkite said: “First, we Americans are going to have to yield up some […]

Socialized Medicine: Dictating How You Live

This is how socialism and totalitarianism slowly, inexorably overcomes a free civilization. From ThisIsLondon, the “Conservatives” in the UK want to control how citizens live their lives, down to what they eat and how much the exercise. The inroad for this kind of Orwellian control? Their National Health Service. Patients who refuse to change their […]

Promoting Marriage Would Provide Economic Benefit

OneNewsNow cites a statement from Dr. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation that if only families were started and maintained intact, child poverty would be greatly reduced. According to Rector, the major reason for that is that each year, about 38 percent of American children — the equivalent of about 1.5 million children — are […]