US Intel Gathering is Constitutional

Despite Democrat hysteria about the NSA eavesdropping program where we spy on terrorist phone calls (the one a Democrat-controlled Congress recently voted for), we are only eavesdropping on foreign terrorists, and when the call involves someone in the US, they get a warrant.

US intelligence eavesdrops on thousands of foreign telephone calls on lines that cross through US territory but monitors the calls of fewer than a hundred people in the United States, intelligence chief Mike McConnell has disclosed.
McConnell’s comments followed passage by the US Congress this month of a law allowing the intelligence agencies to conduct warrantless intercepts of calls between two foreign points.

McConnell stressed in an interview with the El Paso Times that intelligence agencies must still obtain court warrants to monitor calls in which at least one of the parties is in the United States.

“And so if a terrorist calls in and it’s another terrorist, I think the American public would want us to do surveillance of that US person in this case,” he said. “So we would just get a warrant and do that.”

“It’s a manageable thing. On the US persons side it’s 100 or less. And then the foreign side, it’s in the thousands,” he said.

This monitoring is also nothing new. During the Clinton era, there was plenty of monitoring of US citizens going on…and this was before terrorists flew airplanes into the World Trade towers and the Pentagon.

We might also recall that while this monitoring under the Clinton administration was going on, Clinton was sitting on his hands with his pants around his ankles while terrorists attacked us overseas and plotted the 911 attack.

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