Regular Women to Replace Feminists in Gov’t

Janice Shaw Crouse’s column yesterday asked “Why Aren’t Women Running for Office?”

While feminists would surely say women are being oppressed by the man, Crouse says the generation of feminist victimology is starting to fade from the political scene in America.

There are a good number of women in government today, and a lot of them are the liberal type (which doesn’t exactly create a positive female role model in power for average American women), but Crouse says a new generation of empowered women is coming along, and I think she’s right.

In short, the women who are complaining loudest about women not being involved in politics want only a certain type of woman in office –– those who will support the so-called “women’s rights” agenda –– abortion-on-demand, the mainstreaming of lesbian and homosexual lifestyles, and condom-based sex education in the public schools beginning in kindergarten. Clearly, more and more women are rejecting that agenda in favor of the traditional Judeo-Christian values. The old-guard feminists are still around, but they are losing influence and a whole new generation of conservative young women is coming along to replace them in the halls of power.

Wait ’till you see my daughter in action in a few years. She’s going to knock your socks off with her smile and her smarts!

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