British Driver Clocked at 172 MPH

A man in Britain has pleaded guilty to driving 172 MPH on a rural road in England, according to Breitbart. He was driving a 3.6-litre Porsche 911 Turbo near Oxford when they caught him.

I’ve never been along the road where he was caught, but I know some of those roads in England are pretty small. Some of their two-lane roads are about as wide as one of our interstate lanes, or so it seems.

Still, people haul a major load of buttage over there. When I lived in England, I remember driving around the M25 which loops around London one morning, going to pick up a friend at Gatwick Airport. I was in my little Mazda 323 in the slowest of 3 lanes doing about 90-95 MPH (with the pedal on the floor). Porches and Jaguar’s were shooting past me in the other two lanes like I was standing still. I bought a faster Datsun Bluebird (the one in the pic above and left) after I wrecked the Mazda (don’t say it) and got that puppy up to 120 MPH a couple of times along (I believe it was) the A10 between Kings Lynn and Cambridge. (Note: I’ve since wised up and learned not to drive that fast.)

British friends told me the police don’t even look twice at you unless you’re doing over 100, but this is just too fast. The Breitbart article says up until this guy near Oxford, the fastest they’d ever nailed someone for was 156 MPH and they locked him up for 5 months.

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