Abortive Euthanasia

A WorldNetDaily report from a few days ago indicates abortionists are resorting to new tactics to get around laws against partial birth abortion.

What many liberals say is too “inhumane” to do to convicted murderers is being done to children in the womb before the full abortion procedure takes place.

In order to avoid any chance of a live birth and prosecution, three major Harvard-affiliated hospitals – Massachusetts General, Brigham and Women’s, and Beth Israel Deaconess – have made lethal injections in the womb a standard operating procedure for abortions at 20 weeks gestation or later.

“No physician even wants to be accused of stumbling into accidentally doing one of these procedures,” Dr. Michael F. Greene, director of obstetrics at Massachusetts General, told the Globe.

In some facilities, patients are given the choice to use lethal injection. Generally, it is believed the risk to the woman is slight, although critics of the federal ban say they should not have to be inconvenienced. Some case reports suggest a danger to the woman if one of the common drugs used, potassium chloride, is accidentally injected into her.

Prior to the actual abortion, the baby is injected with either potassium chloride – one of the drugs used for lethal injections of criminals – or the heart drug digoxin.

But Dr. Mark Nichols, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Oregon Health & Science University, does not give women a choice if their baby is over 20 weeks’ gestation – the injection is required.

Apparently they’re unwilling to allow anything–even some law–to come between them and killing an unwanted child.

If the unborn child was really just “a piece of tissue” or a part of the woman’s body as pro-abortionists claim, why would there be a need to inject it with a lethal chemical before surgically removing it? You wouldn’t do that with a tumor or a failed organ, would you?

Is this an indirect admission by abortionists that they’re killing a separate, distinct human being?

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