A Message from Cynthia Stocklaufer

Just wanted to give you a quick update. Gary had surgery on Friday. He is now home and doing well. Now we have one more family member to get home and that is Baby Max. We are praying that the courts will grant us a rehearing soon. Everyday he is not here is another day we can never get back. I’m sure he is growing and learning new things. We miss him so very much. Bobby dreams about him on a regular basis and questions me about when can he see his brother. When will the judge let his brother come home? He misses him. It is heartbreaking. I have to remind him that God gives us free will and sometimes people really mess it up. Bobby told his Daddy (Gary) that he was letting him have surgery only so the judge would let his Brother come home. But he doesn’t want him to lose too much, he wants him to stay the same because he loves him. We are wearing baby blue ribbons until Baby Max comes home. We will continue on this journey knowing God will bring Max home.
Cynthia Stocklaufer
Cynthia (the wife of Gary Stocklaufer) also shared her true appreciation when she wrote…

Dr. Barker and Renassaince Hospital in Dallas are the ones who donated the surgery. They were wonderful to the entire family. The entire staff is top notch and truly care about the patient.

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