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Daughter’s Baptism

My daughter Karissa was baptized this morning, so today’s a special day for us. Karissa gave her life to Jesus Christ when she was about five years old, but we waited a while before letting her get baptized because we wanted to make sure she understood what she had committed to when she was five, […]

Taxpayer Twinkie Subsidies

I see Anna at DakotaWomen isn’t thrilled with today’s poverty potty break at the South Dakota Potty Break. JAR at SDPB had written about his displeasure (as a taxpayer if nothing else, presumably) at seeing people on taxpayer-funded food stamps buying a bunch of junk food. Anna responded: I mean, I disapprove of yuppies in […]

South Dakota Native on USS Indianapolis

Today’s Argus Leader features a compelling article about the men of the USS Indianapolis who endured 4 days in the water after their ship was sunk in the final days of World War II. This story has regained attention recently with this month’s Discovery Channel airing of “Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever.” One […]

What Public ‘Charity’ Really Breeds

I took a potty break this morning at the South Dakota Potty Break and noticed that he and I share some of the same observations about poverty and what America’s poor often look like in the real world, without looking through the rose colored glasses of liberalism. There are a handful of people who through […]