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The Problem With the Fairness Doctrine

A Free Republic post yesterday points to a 1997 Cato Institute paper on the Fairness Doctrine and why it is a weapon of the government that is the enemy of the First Amendment: In 1962 President Kennedy’s policies were under sustained attack from conservative broadcasters across the country. Of particular concern to the president were […]

Health Care: Cost Shifting Doomed to Fail

A good summary of the nature of health care insurance and socialized medicine at the American Thinker: Indeed, health insurance fundamentally is designed to shift the cost of providing health care from those who need it but can’t afford it, to those who don’t need it but can afford it. When people complain about a […]

Bush Hating in the Newsroom

Need more proof that the media is overwhelmingly biased to the Left? Here’s a quote from Joe Scarborough on Newsbusters: JOE SCARBOROUGH: There was a story out of Seattle, and the reason I love it is that it’s transparency in the news. You have an editor who was actually outing his own people. The Seattle […]

Why so many Americans today are ‘mentally ill’

David Kupelian has a lengthy but if you’re a Christian it’s a very interesting article on the “mental illness” epidemic we’re seeing these days. But is it really mental illness? Or is it something spiritual, like buried guilt and un-dealt with character (sin?) issues? Are you a normal boy who doesn’t really like shutting up […]