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Wisconsin: The High Cost of ‘Free’ Health Care

The National Center for Policy Analysis points to a Washington Times article about another of the “hidden costs” of socialized medicine.This one should get the attention of even those elderly folks who are more prone to embrace socialism because of their dependence on it (Social Security, Medicare, etc.). The NCPA piece summarizes what happens with […]

Candidates Compete for the Idgit Vote

Democrats have always done extremely well in capturing this voting block. Republicans should wise up and try to reach this demographic. In The Know: Candidates Compete For Vital Idgit Vote

Is Huckabee a Conservative Huckster?

Some are wondering why Mike Huckabee is getting fairly positive coverage, for a conservative. I have to admit I’ve pondered it myself. Robert Novak takes brief note of this in his piece at Human Events today.Marc Ambinder bounces off Novak’s column and has this to say: Certainly, Huckabee knows that the press still cricks its […]