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Hillary Says She Doesn’t Want Socialized Medicine

As liberals almost always do, Hillary Clinton is trying to hide her intentions and claim she’s been misrepresented. This time, she’s trying to tell us she’s not for socialized medicine, despite having made the biggest push for socialized medicine in American history back in the early ’90s. From the Washington Post: During a forum at […]

Poll: Media Seen as Biased, Inaccurate has an article on a new Pew Research Center poll showing most people see news media as biased and inaccurate. Among their findings: – This sentiment was higher among internet users, with 59% saying media is inaccurate and 64% saying they’re biased – Internet users tend to be younger and better educated than the […]

Dems Want Homosexuals Serving Openly in Military

From CNS News: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and the other Democratic presidential hopefuls have told homosexual activists that if elected president, they would scrap the law that bars homosexuals from openly serving in the military. The question came up Thursday night at a Democratic forum in Los Angeles sponsored by Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual […]

Elvis and the Train to Nowhere

By John W. Whitehead “Before Elvis, there was nothing.”—John Lennon The year was 1955, and I had just heard Chuck Berry on the radio singing “Maybelline.” I was electrified. By the time Berry appeared on television, duckwalking across the stage and playing his guitar, there was no turning back. America had its first black rock’n’roll […]