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Blues in a Baptist Church

I attended the Biker Feed and preceding church services at South Canyon Baptist Church this morning, and it was great. A couple of guys from the Christian Motorcycle Association, Rich and Bud, spoke at the service, telling about their ministry and how they came to Christ. Bud said he came from a very rough background: […]

Argus Leader Fights Information Overflow

Randell Beck at the Argus Leader has finally explained why his paper has had a near-blackout (137 words of coverage, not naming the alleged perpetrator) on the Hildebrand/Schuldt embezzlement story: they’re helping us poor unwashed masses fight “information overflow.” Plenty of media outlets across the state (and elsewhere) “outed” the guy, and that’s their choice. […]

Cohabitation Takes the Low Road

The dead-tree edition of the Rapid City Journal featured a column by Dr. Val Farmer on why cohabitation is bad for marriage. I found an online copy at Dr. Farmer says that while cohabitation has gone up 1,200% since 1960, there are some serious downsides to it. Here’s the typical profile of who you’ll […]

Tammy Faye’s Popularity

When Tammy Faye Bakker Messner died recently, I admit I was a bit puzzled by the positive (sometimes glowing) media coverage she received. After all, usually when a high-profile Christian dies, the media reaction is similar to what they gave Rev. Jerry Falwell: good riddance, you intolerant Bible-thumper! In the 38 seconds I spent trying […]