Views of Mount Rushmore

My family and I went to Mt. Rushmore for breakfast this morning. We used to do that more frequently back in the old days before I seemed so busy, but we still get up there a few times a year.

For those of you who aren’t blessed to live within 30 minutes of the Shrine of Democracy, I’ve uploaded a few pics I took today. Almost everyone has seen pictures of Mt Rushmore, but you seldom see any published from these angles. There’s a path you can take that goes below the monument, around the boulder field of debris that was blown off the face of the mountain.

My heart beats a little faster, every time I look at Mt. Rushmore and reflect on how blessed of God I am to live in such a wonderful country…and in such a wonderful place like the Black Hills.

P.S. It was very overcast this morning; that’s why the pics seem a little dark.

4 Responses to “Views of Mount Rushmore”

  1. Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. I’m very jealous of you, Bob. I’ve loved growing up in eastern SD, but if there’s anything that will make me long for western SD it’s the thought of seeing Mt. Rushmore more often than once every six or so years. I mean, you sound so nonchalant about just popping over their for breakfast whenever you like.

    I think you’re very lucky, Bob.

  3. on the 3rd of March 2004, I stood beside some snow beneath the 4 great presidents and cried out against the injustices of the bad judges people like Daschel had imposed on America, and begged God for his defeat.

    He heard my prayer…GOD IS NOT DONE WITH AMERICA YET!!!
    thanks bob…freedompoet

  4. Y’know, this was a really nice blog post until that Dashle nonsense. Thanks for ruining it, freedompoet.