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Hate Crimes Law in Defense Spending Bill

Senate Democrats are trying to pull another fast one: this time, inserting hate crime legislation to give special consideration to homosexuals inside a defense spending bill. From Instead of introducing the legislation giving sexual orientation “hate crimes” protection as a separate bill, Senators Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Gordon Smith (R-OR) opted to introduce the […]

Would you buy a used car from a journalist?

Today’s “mainstream” journalists have reached the level of used car salesmen, in a manner of speaking. From the Media Research Center: Thursday’s edition of Good Morning America featured a Diane Sawyer anecdote that revealed the low opinion Americans have of journalists. After wrapping up a 7:30am segment on people who avoid jury duty, the ABC […]

Climate Scientist At Odds with Gore

Chalk up yet another climate scientist who’s not buying Al Gore’s global warming fable. From Voice of America: William Gray, 77, the principal force behind the annual hurricane forecasts done by Colorado State University’s School of Atmospheric Science, has little good to say about Gore and his movie. “Yes, we have seen some global warming. […]