Gearing up for Execution

As South Dakota gears up to execute convicted murderer Elijah Page, the sob stories are already starting. I saw one in the Rapid City Journal a couple of days ago which was short on fact about the upcoming execution, but very long (complete with the violin playing in the background) about how Page is just wasting away, and how hard this is on those who love him.

Meanwhile, the victim, Chester Allan Poage, and his mother Dottie got a passing mention.

The Argus Leader did have a better one today that was more factual, and I don’t think I heard any violins.

Besides the murder itself and the murderer-sympathetic coverage the “mainstream” media provides, that’s what bothers me the most about this and other murders: the victims are treated like an afterthought, like minor supporting players in a bigger overall drama. Yet they are the ones we should be most concerned about.

What does this say about our values and priorities as a society?

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