Defending Dobson

A couple of items on the recent fuss in the pro-life community over the recent ruling against partial birth abortion; both from WorldNetDaily.

The first is an article by Bob Unruh which lays out the disagreement. As I perceive it, some pro-life groups that are exceptionally eager for the barbaric blood-letting that is abortion to be completely gone say that the ruling really doesn’t amount to anything because there are other avenues of killing late-term children that aren’t 100% out of their mother’s wombs. They have belittled Focus on the Family’s Dr. James Dobson’s praise of the ruling.

Tom Minnery, who is senior vice president of Government and Public Policy for Focus on the Family, has an op/ed at WorldNetDaily in defense of Dr. Dobson. I’m not afraid to disagree with Dr. Dobson (I have done so publicly before), but my disagreements are almost non-existent, and never with regard to his sincerity or intent.

And I agree with Dr. Dobson here. While I, too, would like to see an immediate end to the killing of unborn children–especially those killed during a “partial birth abortion” procedure that mocks the laws against murder while standing on a technicality–I believe we should celebrate the ruling for at least closing that avenue of butchery to the abortionists. I also celebrate the brick in the street of precedent it sets that even in our permissive culture, there are some acts of barbarity we won’t tolerate.

I stand with Dr. Dobson.

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