Congressional "Reality Show"–Bread and Circuses…Again

By Paul E. Scates

If the only news you get is from the networks or the newspaper, you may think that the next great moment in U.S. history will be the passage of the Kennedy/McCain immigration bill, or some “compromise” version of it. Perhaps you’ve forgotten, though, that just a few months ago the news headlines were all about the impending bankruptcy of the Social Security system.

What have these two items to do with one another, you ask? Well, for the 12 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. (a more realistic, non-politically correct figure is 20 million or more), Social Security benefits will be available to them at retirement age. That’s only part of the estimated $2.5 Trillion this “compromise” will cost American taxpayers. And no, the immigrants have not paid one red cent into Social Security, nor have their elderly relatives, who will also be eligible. (Full Story)

2 Responses to “Congressional "Reality Show"–Bread and Circuses…Again”

  1. overall mr. scates has a valid point. i only wish instead of “informing” the massess of our ignorance he would “rally” the massess. . . maybe lead an american rebellion where we collectively “vote out” of office all the political incumbants. i often feel that it someone would lead us in this effort that we, as americans, could really be heard.

    getting rid of one or two incumbants here and there isn’t enough. there is no impact. however, getting rid of them ALL and replacing them with american citizens who live and experience real american life would definitely make a point.

    just think of the changes that could be implemented if everyone wasn’t being pandered to an bought out by coporate america and other powerful incumbents who hold the purse strings.

    it’s amazing if you think about it. we just need to think & ACT big.

    we’re better off with a bunch of illiterate americans who “really want to bring & do good” for america and its people than a bunch of wealthy politicians/incumbents who are not forced to live and experience the consequences of those laws they pass, refuse to pass, or refuse to enforce.

  2. Panem et circensis, indeed. I’ve begun re-reading Gibbon’s classic, “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” and shudder to reflect that all indicators suggest that the US is in her final hours. I was long confused by the fact that, in most interpretations of Revelations the US cannot be clearly identified in the accounts of the Last Days. I am no longer confused.