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Bush Matches New Poll Low

From Public approval of the job President Bush is doing now matches its all-time low, with widespread discontent over how he is handling the war in Iraq, efforts against terrorism and domestic issues, an AP-Ipsos poll released Thursday said. Only 32 percent said they were satisfied with how Bush is handling his job, the […]

Thune Helps Roadblock Amnesty Bill

According to KELO, Senator John Thune voted for an amendment to the amnesty bill which would place a five-year limit on a temporary worker program. In the complex world of political maneuvering, this amendment is described in an AP story as a “major stumbling block.” From the AP piece: The reversal dismayed backers of the […]

CBS’s "Jericho" Not Cancelled

USA Today and other outlets have announced that the CBS Wednesday night drama “Jericho” won’t be cancelled after all. In an online announcement Wednesday afternoon, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler called the online outcry a “probably unprecedented display of passion in support of a prime time television series” and said CBS has ordered seven more […]

Who’s Responsible for Children’s "Pranks"?

Jim Kent’s column in the Rapid City Journal today is right on. He examines the recent “pranks” at Central High School in Rapid City involving a false gunman report and the incindiary device that went off in a locker. And Kent examines the question of who’s responsible. (This actually sounds a lot like something I […]

Defending Dobson

A couple of items on the recent fuss in the pro-life community over the recent ruling against partial birth abortion; both from WorldNetDaily. The first is an article by Bob Unruh which lays out the disagreement. As I perceive it, some pro-life groups that are exceptionally eager for the barbaric blood-letting that is abortion to […]

Poll: Most Realize Media Damaging Moral Values

From CNS News: Sixty-eight percent of Americans say the media have damaged moral values in America, according to a report released Wednesday by the Culture and Media Institute (CMI). The report also concludes that the more a person watches television, the less likely he or she is to believe that the media are influencing the […]

More Alternatives to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

From In a big step toward a long-sought goal, three teams of scientists say they’ve produced the equivalent of embryonic stem cells, at least in mice, without taking the controversial step of destroying embryos. Their procedure makes ordinary skin cells behave like stem cells. If the same can be done with human cells—a big […]

The Sins of Their Parents

By Ken Korkow This past Monday morning, I sat down with a friend, business owner and former alcoholic and showed him an e-mail I’d just received regarding the recent resignation of another friend/professional/leader. The e-mail, in an attempt to explain the factors that led to this man’s resignation, noted various characteristics described in Adult Children […]