Zaniya Health Care Task Force Survey

According to the Capital Journal, the Zaniya Project will be conducting a survey regarding health care in South Dakota:

In order to have more information by the next meeting in June, a phone survey will be conducted, asking participants about topics ranging from whether or not they have health insurance to how much they would be willing to pay for it.

It cannot be said too often, any plan that gets government more involved in health care is a bad idea. It always causes costs to balloon and retards efficiency.

Socialized medicine around the world has proven disastrous, and a great deal of the problems with the U.S. system are because of too much government involvement (regulation, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.).

And forcing people to buy health care coverage is a repugnant and un-American idea.

On upcoming Zaniya activities:

The next meeting of the Zaniya project will be June 14 at the Kings Inn in Pierre. The 55-member group will meet again after that in July, August and September.

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