Phelps Freaks Plan to Attend Falwell Funeral

That Fred Phelps bunch of idiots plans to go to Jerry Falwell’s funeral, according to a Fox News report.

I don’t recall Falwell ever denouncing this group, but then I didn’t follow everything Falwell said that closely either. What I do know about him leads me to believe he would have completely disagreed with this group. Jerry Falwell stood firm for God’s truth, but he did so in the spirit of God’s firm love.

Some people believe that this bunch of wackos from Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas is actually a plant by pro-homosexuals to make the rest of us look bad. While I’m not into conspiracy theories, the Phelps Brigade are so nutty and so far away from what the Bible says, I can’t completely discount it.

They claim God hates homosexuals. He doesn’t; He just hates their homosexual practices and wants them to renounce their sin (John 3:16)

The Fox story says they have a video out that says “God hates the world.” Again, John 3:16 says God loves the world so much He sent His Son to die for it.

Their stupid video also says it’s too late to avoid God’s judgment. It’ll only be too late for a sinner to repent when they’re dead and/or Judgement Day arrives.

These people are so theologically distorted, they may very well be intended to mislead average Joes to think all Christians are like them.

They are as mistaken as those who say God created people to be homosexual, and who say God approves of homosexual behavior.

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