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Senator Calls on Plame to Explain

USA Today says Senator Kit Bond, (R-MO), vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, wants Valerie Plame to explain why she can’t get her story straight on the circumstances surrounding Joe Wilson’s trip to Niger prior to the Iraq invasion. Here are Plame’s three versions of how Wilson was sent to Niger, according to Bond: […]

When Amnesty Isn’t Amnesty

From the New York Times, President Bush accuses people who recognize the amnesty bill as amnesty of fear mongering: “If you want to scare the American people, what you say is the bill’s an amnesty bill,” Mr. Bush said this afternoon at a training center for border enforcement agents located in this town in Georgia’s […]

Time to Retire Public Schools?

The Weekly Standard has an excellent article by David Gelernter, professor of computer science at Yale, that examines “A World Without Public Schools.” Public schools have been the dominant tool for educating children for a long time in America. But should it be that way? Does it have to be that way? Is the public […]

Evolutionists Freak Out over Creation Museum

The religion of evolution is so entrenched for some that they get pretty wacky when you blaspheme against it, as the new Answers in Genesis Creation Museum is doing. From WJAC TV: Edwin Kagin, who participated in a protest outside the museum on this opening day, said teaching children that science supports the Bible rather […]

Poll: Bible Still Reliable

The Washington Times features an article on a Gallup poll about the Bible: More than three-quarters of Americans believe the Bible is literally the word of God or inspired by the word of God, according to a trio of Gallup surveys, with 19 percent saying the Good Book is a compendium of myth and legend. […]

Incendiary Device at Central High School Yesterday

From the Rapid City Journal, more “fun” at Central High School yesterday: Rapid City Central High School was evacuated shortly after 1 p.m. Tuesday after an “incendiary device” ignited a small fire that burned three lockers in the west end of the building, police said. No one was injured in the incident, which was first […]

Protecting People from Their Own Carelessness

KELO reports on a group of teenagers who were hospitalized after driving into Long Lake near Lily in Day County. In light of the lawsuit against Rapid City for not protecting careless teenage drivers from themselves, I suppose Day County or perhaps the state of South Dakota is responsible for this accident. Look at the […]