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Adult Stem Cells Create Insulin

According to, adult stem cells have been successfully used to create insulin. More specifically, the stem cells came from umbilical cord blood. Unlike the controversial embryonic stem cell research, adult stem cell research doesn’t end a human life. Adult stem cell therapy already has an impressive list of successes, including but not limited to […]

Zaniya Project Findings: Health Care Access Not a Major Problem

In examining some of the information available on the Zaniya Project website, some interesting findings in a presentation on health care access. The presentation reviewing South Dakota’s uninsured found that 91.5% of South Dakotans have health insurance Regardless of insurance coverage, most had reasonable access to care 55.1% of survey respondents said obtaining health care […]

Seminar on Islam in Rapid City

South Canyon Baptist Church in Rapid City is hosting a two-part study of Islam this Sunday and next Sunday. With Islam and Islamic countries in the news every day, all day, this is a timely subject. I attended a talk on Islam at South Canyon Baptist a few weeks ago, given by author and historian […]

Sony Makes Bendable TV Screen

The future is here! The Daily Mail has an article on a new innovation by Sony: it’s a bendable TV screen that’s .3 millimeters thick. It reminds me of those little fold-out communicators they had on that Gene Roddenberry series “Earth: Final Conflict” a few years ago. The article says Sony has a video on […]

Klaudt Foster Care Conflict of Interest

KELO has a story on a potential conflict of interest with Ted Klaudt’s foster parenthood. The South Dakota Constitution doesn’t allow a legislator to earn money from a state program he or she decides how to fund. But former representative Ted Klaudt helped determine funding for the Department of Corrections, which essentially paid Klaudt and […]

Laughing at Suffering Children

Chad has a post at Clean Cut Kid called “Last Laugh?” about “unintended consequences” of measures to protect marriage from being hijacked by homosexuals. I suppose if your goal is to undermine marriage and destroy families, then maybe homosexuals are having the last laugh. But I don’t consider expanding the mess to be a laughing […]

Free Health Care<>Quality Health Care

From the April 26, 2007 meeting minutes of the Zaniya Project, I give them kudos for at least recognizing this important reality: Special consideration must be given to Native Americans who have an entitlement to health care that has not produced quality health care. Hopefully this recognition will help them understand that “free” health care […]