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Sears, K-Mart Demonstrate Supporting the Troops

From NewsMax: Sears Holdings Corporation on Friday announced the launch of Heroes at Home, a charitable partnership with the nation’s leading volunteer home rehabilitation organization, Rebuilding Together. Through Heroes at Home, Sears Holdings seeks to improve the lives of military families in need across America by making necessary repairs, improvements or modifications to their homes. […]

Merck’s vaccine tied to 3 deaths

From WorldNetDaily, on the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine: At least three deaths and more than 1,600 adverse reactions including spontaneous abortion and paralysis have been connected to Merck & Co.’s new vaccine for the human papillomavirus, a treatment the company has lobbied state lawmakers to make mandatory for young girls across the nation. Maybe you […]

Romney Dodges Morality

From NewsMax, Mitt Romney says his opposition to homosexual “marriage” should not be interpreted as “intolerance of gays.” When asked whether he thought homosexuality is immoral: “I don’t think that a person who’s running for a secular position as I am should talk about or engage in discussions of what they in their personal faith […]

American Christianity Sliding into Dangerous Territory

OneNewsNow reports on a Barna group finding that Christianity in America is slipping into a “Laodicean” spiritual state: The survey director says most Americans seem to have one foot in the “biblical camp” and one foot outside it — placing themselves in what Kinnaman refers to as a “squishy middle.” “They say they are committed, […]

Excuses for Foreign Invasion

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is making excuses for allowing a silent invasion of the United States. From USA Today: He dismissed the argument of Republican conservatives, such as Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Calif., who argue that illegal immigrants will leave if strict enforcement of U.S. laws makes it impossible for them to find a job. […]


From the Globe and Mail: A new study says people whose marriages have broken up are at higher risk of depression than those who remain with their spouse, and that men appear to take the separation harder. The Statistics Canada study found that men who had divorced or separated were six times more likely to […]

The Dangers of Assumptions

THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD By Carrie K. Hutchens It’s easy to look at the case of Emilio Gonzales and make assumptions from afar. Easy to make assumptions based upon what we think is transpiring and trumped by our own bias. After all, when we are safely sitting in our own homes, with our own […]

Identified Flaws in the System Left Klaudt Foster Children Vulnerable

GUEST COLUMN By Gwen Caldwell Voices of Women As a family rights advocate and Founder of Voice of Women, the recent arrest of former South Dakota lawmaker Ted Klaudt is of special interest to me. I applaud these young women for having the courage to come forward and report this inappropriate behavior. The affidavit is […]