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Is Hillary Clinton Going to Remove the Image of Mother Teresa or not?

I keep checking the blogs, web and news reports, but I haven’t seen any mention that Hillary Clinton HAS removed the image of Mother Teresa that she used in her little campaign video. Has she? Will she? Or, will she treat us as children that simple don’t understand as she keeps on with what seems […]

South Dakota State’s Attorney Dismisses Charges Against Pro-Life Advocate

Charges dismissed “in the best interest of justice” RAPID CITY, S.D. — A pro-life advocate arrested for expressing his beliefs is no longer facing criminal charges. On May 16, a South Dakota state attorney Sarah E. Seljeskog dismissed the charges filed against 18-year-old Joey Cox, represented by an ADF-allied attorney. Cox had attempted to communicate […]

Memorial Day: Opportunity for Cowardice and Class Envy

Democrats never miss a chance to not only seek the emasculation of their own country, but to dirty the brave sacrifices of America’s military servicemen with their own cowardice. From NewsMax: Presidential hopeful John Edwards said Monday that Americans should speak out against the war in Iraq this Memorial Day weekend, renewing an anti-war call […]

Predictable Scientific Ostriches

Some of the other blogs in the South Dakota blogosphere have, predictably, expressed disagreement with the contention that the earth is only 6,000 to 10,000 years old. Because men who deny the existence of God and have letters after their names say it’s 4.5 billion years old, that has to be true. It apparently matters […]

Evolutionists Afraid Creation Museum Exposes Their Soft Underbelly

“Credible” creation presentation pierces armor of evolution “superiority” By Bob EllisDakota Voice From the Dickson Herald comes another article on the new Creation Museum opening up in Kentucky by Answers in Genesis, titled “Creation Museum worries scientists.” I think what they mean here is that it worries scientists who believe in the scientifically untenable theory […]

More Laughs from the 1/2 Hour News Hour

I finally got around to watching last night’s 1/2 Hour News Hour from Fox News channel. I think my favorite segment was the “Road to Surrender Commemorative Plates” commercial featuring one of my favorite columnists, Dennis Prager. Some good lines from this hilarious (because of the truth in it) spoof: “The day America calls it […]